We at the Quidditch Post have a busy summer coming up. IQA World Cup 2018 is approaching and we are looking to expand our staff to cover as much of this event and those in the future as possible. So if you have ever thought of being a part of the QP, now is the time! We’re looking for writers, analysts, correspondents, social media and visual staffers… every position you could possibly think of! Any commitment level is acceptable too, from those who want to write a story every week to those who just want to put an analysis out there once every few months. If you’re interested in not only being part of the growing quidditch media scene, but also would like to join a bunch of goofy quidkids as we avoid sleep, go on pun runs, and discuss everything quidditch, fill out our form below and apply for one of the positions! We’d love to have you!

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Options are: Writing Articles; Managing and Coordinating Volunteers (HR); Copy Editing; Photography and Article Layout; Work on specific projects like analyzing data (e.g. read texts and summarize) to helping writers; Social Media (including, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter); Design (don't check this if comic sans makes your heart beat faster); Public Relations. Or, if you don't know but just want to help, just say so!
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