In Memory of Sarah Goad

The Quidditch Post regrets to report on the passing of one of its own, former Chief Quality Officer Sarah Goad (SG).


SG was a pioneer in quidditch media, contributing heavily to multiple media organizations in their infancy. She began her career as a member of US Quidditch’s editorial department, working for two years as both a staff writer and copy editor. When USQ’s editorial department became less active, she emerged as one of the cofounders of the Quidditch Post, where she spent two more years as Editing Director, South Regional Editor, and eventually rose to the rank of Chief Quality Officer. Finally, she started her own media organization in 2016: Face Beat It. It was here where she truly let her immense sense of humor fly, covering quidditch in her own unique style, unmatched anywhere else.


But as storied as her media career was, SG will always be remembered more for the great person she was. Graced with infinite patience and unending will, SG encouraged others to think critically about our community and how to improve it. She nurtured new writers, recruiting more people to the fledgling media scene. SG loved volunteering and making new friends in the community, stating at one point that having an integral, insider’s role in the sport’s coverage allowed her the opportunity to give a voice to her own concerns, her friends’ concerns, and her region’s concerns. And the flood of social media posts mourning her passing prove that this community will be forever grateful for the love and devotion she shared.


Linked below are just a few samples of SG’s contributions to quidditch media – there are also hundreds of uncredited articles copy edited by her. We invite you to read them and others as we remember SG. Beloved member of College of Charleston Quidditch, USQ South Region, and the greater quidditch community, she will forever be missed.




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  1. Thank you for this, and my deepest condolences! I’m not a Quidditch player but as her friend, I really appreciate this tribute to her and her work. I’ll miss her forever too. The first link isn’t working for me and I can’t seem to track it down—if you get a chance, could you double-check it?

  2. I thank you for this, too. I am Sarah’s mother and seeing her posts about Quidditch, one of her greatest loves, is bittersweet. Both writing and playing Quidditch were so important to her. It is so meaningful to hear from her many friends and know that she was loved by so many.

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