Texas State Advances to US Quidditch Cup 10 Finals With 200*-80 Win Over BosNYan

By David Sager, Chris Dewing, and Austin Wallace

Texas State University – San Marcos advanced to the finals with a convincing win over tournament darlings BosNYan Bearsharks 200*-80.

The Bearsharks had an impressive start to the game, scoring the first goal and initially keeping up with Texas State. BosNYan barely attacked in the offensive zone and as the game wore on Texas State was able to use its speed to take advantage of turnovers. When David Fox from the Bearsharks got injured, Texas State took the opportunity and pulled away. After the snitch, Anthony Hawkins, was released, Texas State was able to further extend its lead to 120-40. The Bearsharks never gave up, reducing their deficit to 120-70 thanks to some potentially overaggressive decisions by a Texas State team that was already out of range. However, having recently played two intense games, the thinner Bearsharks squad wore down, and they were unable to capitalize on no-bludger situations. Meanwhile, Texas State was able to run untouched through the BosNYan defense and continued to execute crisp passing plays throughout the game.

Bearsharks veteran star Tyler Trudeau was eliminated from the game 28 minutes in due to a double yellow. After 30 minutes of play, Texas State was able to pull away with the victory 200*-80, ending the upset spree of BosNYan and ensuring that the state of Texas will be represented in the finals. Ultimately, the Bearsharks fell short due to messy offensive drives plagued by long passes, interceptions, and turnovers. Texas State was able to prevail by overloading the BosNYan offensive with pressure and turning turnovers into fast break scores.

This game, a star was born on the national stage. The current climate in competitive quidditch makes it tough for secondary ball handlers to get national recognition or impact the game in the same way as a ball handler, beater, or seeker. Christian Rodriguez dominated this game, despite being neither of those three things. Rodriguez displayed intelligence and fluidity on the offensive end, weaving through the defense, and setting up alley-oops with equal ease. This won’t surprise people who closely follow Texas State, as Rodriguez has been one of the top rookies in the region, but this game has vaulted him into the national conversation.

Christian Rodriguez dominated in Texas State’s game against the BosNYan Bearsharks | Photo Credit: Sana Sadiq Photography

Texas State will face Texas Cavalry in the finals.