US Quidditch Cup 10: Round 8 Recap

The Lost Boys (3-0) held off Gulf Coast Gumbeaux (1-2) 110-90* in an overtime game that timed out before a second snitch catch. Both teams are likely to advance to bracket play and will pose as threats for deep runs. With District of Columbia Quidditch Club (DCQC) still undefeated, the 6:20pm Lost Boys vs. DCQC game will determine the winner of Pool 4.

Gulf Coast Gumbeaux plays SHSU Quidditch at the Southwest Regional Championship | Photo Credit: Alex Russell

The Warriors took a big step toward bracket play securing their coveted second victory 70*-50 over the Michigan Quidditch Team (0-2). The Warriors still face Texas Cavalry with the winner likely to top Pool 11.

Maryland Quidditch (1-1) edged the Silicon Valley Skrewts (0-2) leaving both teams at the bottom of Pool 10 for the time-being, with the Skrewts likely eliminated from bracket contention, and Maryland still having a manageable path to the bracket. The Skrewts local rivals, Cal Quidditch (2-1) jumped to second place in their pool with their steady victory over Tribe (0-3) 200*-70. With the loss Tribe is eliminated from bracket contention, while Cal has a clear path to the bracket.

In a contentious ending that saw a late goal just before a snitch catch, the Ball State Cardinals (3-0) beat University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch (0-3) 90*-80. Ball State’s win ensures advancement into bracket play, while UNC finds itself unable to advance to bracket play. Despite Ohio State Quidditch (1-2) beating Appalachian Apparators (1-2) 100*-70, the Apparators sit in the third spot of their pool and both have a potential to qualify based on the results of their final games. Ohio State faces Anteater Quidditch, while Appalachian faces Texas A&M Quidditch.

Rutgers University Quidditch (1-1) had no problem defeating the Utah State Quidditch Club (0-2) 190*-90, with Rutgers likely to advance to bracket play, while Utah is unlikely to qualify. Defending USQ Cup Champions, Quidditch Club Boston (2-0), easily defeated Indiana University Quidditch Club (0-2) 190*-50 to continue its title defense.

Pitch 1 The Lost Boys 110-90* Gulf Coast Gumbeaux (OT)

Pitch 2 The Warriors 70*-50 Michigan Quidditch Team

Pitch 3 Maryland Quidditch 110*-90 Silicon Valley Skrewts

Pitch 4 Cal Quidditch 200*-70 Tribe

Pitch 5 Ball State Cardinals 90*-80 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Quidditch

Pitch 6 Ohio State Quidditch 100*-70 Appalachian Apparators Quidditch

Pitch 7 Rutgers University Quidditch 190*-90 Utah State Quidditch Club

Pitch 8 Quidditch Club Boston 190*-50 Indiana University Quidditch Club

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article reported from US Quidditch that Gumbeaux beat the Lost Boys.